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Although these are just a few pics I snapped in the park one evening, we’ve been going to soccer practice twice a week for a couple of weeks now.  Both kids are playing soccer for the first time ever, in our Naval station soccer league.  Their very first game is in two days, and they are excited and nervous.  I never played as a child so I don’t have much experience with it, but Matt is on cloud nine.  He loved playing soccer as a youngster, so he’s all about practicing with the kids whenever he can.  With the heat lately it’s been tough sometimes on the kids to handle the new level of activity, but we’re working on remembering to stay hydrated, and the temps are beginning to cool off a bit as well.  More photos to come as they continue their soccer adventure.

stacey - Love the light in these.
And just wanted to let you know that your magazine is still coming! I haven’t had a chance to get to the post office to get an envelope the right size and mail it. But hopefully tomorrow!!

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