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Monthly Archives: October 2013

our tree

We’ve been to this tree many times, and have sort of claimed it as our own family tree.  Because we love it so, the kids don’t complain on the walk there, and so we walk in fun and peace.  The kids took photos once again, so this time you get to see me in a […]

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We went on a field trip with some of our homeschool friends to a local pumpkin patch.  The kids loved it, got a story read to them, did a craft, learned some stuff, got a shaved ice and a “hay ride”, and even got pumpkins to bring home and carve.  It’s nice to be able […]

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october in florida

Until yesterday, we’ve been having 85 degree days here, mixed with some days of rain (which, with humidity, sure doesn’t feel any cooler).  I walked on the beach on one of these warm days and found lots of others had the same idea.  I’m sure craving fall right now, with it’s colors, leaves, crisp air, […]

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fall walk

We went on a wet, post-thunderstorm woods walk one afternoon, trying to get some “fall” feeling in our bones.  The weather only just now cooled off a bit, so we can finally truly enjoy the outdoors and sunshine again.  I took some photos, exploring a bit with light and shadow.  The kids took photos as […]

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princess in the family

Our princess really is a princess now.  Well, almost– she still needs a canopy first, which we are thinking of getting her for Christmas, and then she will be a true princess.  The reason I know she is a princess is because, apparently, princess’ have long ruffly nightgowns like the one I made for her above, […]

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halloween on their minds

They think about Halloween almost constantly, asking how many more days till it’s here, wondering about the candy they’ll get, wanting to put up decorations, checking out the other spooky houses in the neighborhood, thinking about their costumes, and planning for trick-or-treating and the other parties we’ll attend as it gets nearer.  This Halloween thing […]

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I remembered one thing we have been doing quite a bit of lately: enjoying the company of new friends.  We were lucky to meet some families in our neighborhood, both of which are Navy families and both homeschool as well.  We are often running into one family on our journeys to the beach, at soccer […]

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him… and those missing teeth!

These are the “poses” he thought would make good photos of him and his missing teeth, so I obliged.  He finally lost that other front tooth (the first one was pulled when he was 2), and oh my goodness he is adorable!  He has a lisp, too!  I love this stage, so fleeting and yet […]

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I’m afraid I haven’t been remembering my camera much lately, as it seems we’ve been recovering from surgeries and sicknesses for a few weeks now.  That, being busy with this and that, and, well, sometimes I get uninspired for a time with taking photographs.  Here is a quick snap I took of my lovely girl, […]

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