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Our princess really is a princess now.  Well, almost– she still needs a canopy first, which we are thinking of getting her for Christmas, and then she will be a true princess.  The reason I know she is a princess is because, apparently, princess’ have long ruffly nightgowns like the one I made for her above, and lots of pillows on their beds like the ones she made for herself above.  This princess also enjoys listening to audio books, playing dolls, and using her new desk not only as an office desk and a storage space for cute little objects, but also for creating all kinds of secret projects.  Princesses also have horses they ride in their fancy dresses.  Princesses, I’ve been informed, get to be rude and bossy to their families, very picky about the food they are served, and need to be waited on often by the queen… but we are working on re-adjusting our princess expectations a bit.  I love having a princess in the family!!

Andrea - I ADORE her nightgown! So pretty. 🙂

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