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fall walk

We went on a wet, post-thunderstorm woods walk one afternoon, trying to get some “fall” feeling in our bones.  The weather only just now cooled off a bit, so we can finally truly enjoy the outdoors and sunshine again.  I took some photos, exploring a bit with light and shadow.  The kids took photos as well, and several of these photos are their work; they’ve been listening in on my co-op photography class preparation discussions with Matt lately, so they have learned a thing or two about photography (they were having fun putting us all in different spots with “good light” and “good backgrounds”, joy to a mama’s ears!).  Ashton was a fun walking partner, finding fairy trails and homes all around, and Cedar just wants to hold hands and chat away.  Good times, indeed.  Perhaps a bit more outdoors will help me shed the funk I seem to have been in for the past month…

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Anna - Those woods are amazing. You guys should look into camping on Ossabaw Island. It’s on my bucket list and I will be completely jealous if you go! I am pretty sure you could live anywhere in the world and make it look beautiful and magical through your photography, Jess. You have a knack for what to capture.

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