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Monthly Archives: November 2013

Clark family, and a new venture

When people around me start catching on to the fact that I am often toting around my big camera and snapping photos of all the kids running around… and then when I post pretty photos of their babies on their facebook pages… and then when their friends start complimenting the photos and asking who took […]

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more nature connections

We went on another nature adventure recently, this time at Fort Caroline National Memorial, which happens to be minutes from our house and offers trails, the river, a museum and a fort to explore.  We often go on woods adventures, but this time we played, discovered and explored more than we usually do.  We stopped often, […]

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to the farm!

The kids and I joined a group of our homeschool friends on a trip to a place called Connor’s Amazing Acres.  It was a gorgeous day, a beautiful drive out into the country, and a perfect place to spend a fall day.  I was reminded that there is rural life even here in what feels […]

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connecting with nature

Matt, while out to sea, finally read a book we’ve had on the shelf for years that we’ve always meant to read.  It’s called Coyote’s Guide to Connecting with Nature.  I have to say that I still haven’t read it, but Matt sure is excited about what he learned.  We went to a talk by […]

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Cedar is growing his hair out.  Surfer style.  I’m not sure I can think of anything to say about that– the pictures show it all.  I am that mom with the crazy-haired kid…  But isn’t he so sweet?

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I know, I know: How many photos of the same thing do I really need to post?  All of them, it would seem, because I really can’t decide which ones to leave out.  Her, her hair, her sweet painted face, the light.  It’s all just so lovely.

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navy wives

For 2 weeks, Matt was gone on his ship.  It not being a deployment and knowing he would be home soon, I did my best to enjoy it and connect with my kids and community more deeply.  One really neat thing about being in the Navy and living in base housing is that there are […]

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fall festival

The neighborhood gang gathered to walk a few blocks over to the Mayport Fall Festival one Saturday recently.  There was food, face painting, games, bounce houses, pumpkins and other fun treats.  My favorite part was enjoying it with others (I SO would not have waited in those long lines had I not been with others!), […]

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playing soccer

I realized I haven’t adequately captured what has been a big part of our lives for the past couple of months, so I snapped a few pics at soccer.  It’s been a learning experience for us all in terms of what our kids’ skills are, how they can improve, and how to work with coaches. […]

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