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Our whole gang of cul-de-sac neighbors joined together for the Halloween tradition this year.  We walked for hours in the neighborhoods here on base, and I realized this Mayport Navy community is actually quite small– through living on base, the gym, Matt’s ship, kids’ sports, and homeschooling, I know a lot more people than I thought I did.  That makes me happy; I love being part of a community and I strive to create it wherever we go.  Ashton and Cedar had a blast, ate lots of candy, were surprisingly alright with getting rid of the majority of the candy afterward.  We so love Halloween, especially with friends.

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stacey - Oh I love these. It looks like you all had so much fun.
And it’s so weird to see kids not all bundled up for Halloween! Our kids had on about three layers underneath their costumes with mittens and hats!

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