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We’ve had holidays, shopping, parties, gatherings, a visit from mom, a budding photography business, Matt on leave, colds from hell, dates with Matt and dates with kids, Christmas traditions, and pretty much every day of this season busy with one thing or another.  It’s flown by, to say the least.  But the biggest thing we’ve been doing has been getting Matt ready to leave.  Yes, he’s going away to school for 5 months, after which he will officially be in the Navy Band.  He’s been working for this since the idea of “Navy Band” first emerged back in Montana in 2009, and after 4+ years of waiting and enduring a lot of, well, the Navy, it finally happened.  As usual with the Navy, there was a lot of not knowing and then a sudden “NOW!”  So, we are getting ready… for him being gone, for a huge job change, for our last several months in Mayport, and for a move to… somewhere.  Yeah, that part is kinda stressful, too.  We might know where we are going until 2 weeks out (hopefully we will know sooner?).  Stay on the edge of your seats, folks, because we may be coming near you!!!  More to come.

liza - Good Luck with “the Navy” stuff. It looks like 2014 is going to be a busy year. Happy New Year!

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