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Yearly Archives: 2014

holiday traditions

Books and cookies, movies and hot chocolate (with peppermint schnapps of course), crafts and gifts: We’ve been hard at work Elving over here, and doing our best to hit all the traditions of the season.  There has been a LOT of sewing, from ornaments to gifts and even a few things in between for sweet children […]

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snow, a birthday, and a tree adventure

It snowed here, for what may be the only time this winter.  We shall see, I suppose.  The kids thought it was pretty darn cool (well, kind of: Ashton dreams of snow all winter but then realizes snow is cold and rather quickly changes her mind).  So we grabbed our mittens and hats and headed for the […]

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We had a party this year for Thanksgiving, the first “real” party I think I’ve ever thrown.  Thirty people plus kids packed into our little space, if I remember correctly, including new friends, old Montana friends, and Band friends.  Being that I was frantically running through my house handling things I thought needed attention (“It’s too hot […]

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fall galavantings

When the weather doesn’t look like this, which it seems to the majority of the time (and it is growing on me in its quiet beauty), we can often be found galavanting across the trails of some place or another, either as a family or with friends, enjoying the sunshine when we are blessed with […]

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We finally made it to the city!  The kids’ grandpa came to town and he got us out of our cozy woods and into a Seattle adventure!  We enjoyed the novelty of the ferry, toured the Space Needle, ventured onto the monorail, ate fresh cheese cuisine, toured interesting shops and found lovely souvenirs, wandered through the awesomeness that […]

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life inside

I see this random collection of photos and I wonder how they all fit together, as they sure don’t appear to tell a coherent story.  But they do go together: They tell the story of my life right now.  Well, one little part of my life right now; the part I take pictures of when I […]

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Did you know that Ashton has what we call a ‘fairy kiss’ on her ear?  See it there, that little point on the side?  Her cousin has one, and another cousin of Matt’s has one as well.  I love it.

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