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We have a pretty awesome thing happening right now: A group of homeschooling families here on base found one another and formed a formal homeschool group.  What this means is that we no longer have to drive hours across Jacksonville to visit with homeschool friends; we now get to walk down the street.  We can relate about homeschooling and military life, which means we get to understand and be understood much better, in general, than when we hang out with ‘civilian’ folks.  The kids are all close in age and have a lot of fun together.  I’m stoked.  The people in the group are super nice, interesting, fun, and ready to connect, learn, and explore.

Just this week, here is what we did with our homeschool group:
IMG_2175for blogIMG_2185

Went to the woods.  Well, not just the woods but Fort Caroline, a National Monument, which also included the woods trail.


IMG_2191IMG_2196for blog3IMG_2211IMG_2214Collages3IMG_2242IMG_2228

Joined a(nother) super fun birthday party at the base bowling alley.



Brought our neighbor kids to join the homeschoolers at the park to create a herd of wild playground child-monkeys, finally able to run around outdoors after a recent spell of cold weather, everyone being sick, and Christmas craziness.


We won’t be stationed here in Florida much longer, so I’m enjoying this amazing blessing as much as I can while we are here.  It’s pretty great.

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