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I realize I haven’t updated you all on our recent happenings, so here it is.  Matt is at the Navy School of Music in Virginia now, doing almost nothing but practicing the piano for 14 hours a day.  He’s loving it.  This means that soon his job in the Navy will be him doing what he loves– playing music and being with us (NOT deploying!).  The kids and I will wait for him here in Florida until he finishes up in several months from now.  Then, probably in June, we will move along to our next duty station.  That about sums it up.  For now, I am working hard at managing these kids of mine, keeping us busy and happy, and handling another season of life without Matt.  This time it’s been better: We can talk on the phone with him, Facetime once in a while, and await a much more fulfilling next phase of our life as it draws nearer.  It’s not easy, but it’s a good, good thing.

These photos are of my lovely children getting all dressed up for a trip to the movies to see Frozen.

Tracey - It is so cool to see your years of waiting finally come to fruition. I am super happy for you! And I love that your kids dress up to go to the theater!

stacey - Yay. So thrilled for you that it is all finally happening. And we loved Frozen and Evie is obsessed with the soundtrack!

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