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Monthly Archives: March 2014

together… in hats

Sometimes they play together… really, really wonderfully.  Sometimes they don’t.  This solo parenting thing isn’t easy, finding ways to take care of myself, all the logistics, the dog, and each child, too.  The days when they find things to do, when they get creative and open, and when they find they enjoy each other— those […]

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woods play

We went for a walk in the woods, which you know is one of our favorite things to do.  It seems too long since we’ve dwelt here… maybe because of the cold that was winter here, or the busyness of our day-to-day, or that our woods partner is away from us.  It is my intention […]

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she’s nine

For Ashton’s 9th birthday, we had a party (after weeks of talking and planning and then another week of inviting, shopping and preparing) that included hula hoops, bubbles, kites, chalk, soccer balls, hyperdash, an easter egg hunt, and my very first hand-decorated cake (don’t judge, it’s no wonder cake decorating is a specialized art).  She […]

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hula hoops!

After probably a year of having them on my to-do list, my homemade hula hoops finally happened, with the help of my handy partner and motivator, Jean.  They are really pretty easy to make, and we got a good pile of hoops out of the deal.  I am so excited to bring these out for […]

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beaching with grandma

Homemade kites, seashells and sand dollars, holding hands, grandma, sunshine and ocean.  Addie got to run around like the crazy puppy she is, too.  Yes, yes, yes.  

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florida botanic garden

In the Tampa area, the Florida Botanic Garden was among one of our stops along the way home.  It was beautiful, of course, and we left the area just as several days of storms began.  If I recall, we also stopped on our way home at one of the many roadside fruit stands and picked […]

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sea and sail

Oh, that calm blue water on the Florida Gulf Coast is something not easily forgotten.  It was a bit cold for swimming, but the brave did venture out for a bit.  I remember that when the kids and I went before, a bit later in spring, the water was warm and swimmable.  No matter the water […]

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