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It’s still just the kids and me, finding all kinds of adventures to fill our days.  We had Grandma Jean here for a good while and, with the warm and sunny weather she brought with her, we did a lot of beaching and exploring.   Now we are back to cold and rain again, sad but true.  Between homeschooling, doctor visits and friends visits, time at home and time running around town, exercising, walks with the pooch, and preparations for a big exciting 9th birthday coming up… I’d say we are keeping ourselves fairly busy.  Oh yes, I’ve been also painting my furniture lately with a cool new discovery called chalk paint, which means Matt will come home to a nicely re-done space in a few months.  Our musician mister is busy making his piano music.  There is a lot I try to worry about, a lot of kid managing and not a lot of photo/blog time… but, in truth, when I breathe and remember the good things about my life, all is well and fine.

mailli - what are you doing in homeschool?
do you make your chalk paint or buy it?Your house must look so cool. Have you drawn on any yet? What all are you painting with it?
I can’t believe Ashton is almost nine!

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