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she’s nine


For Ashton’s 9th birthday, we had a party (after weeks of talking and planning and then another week of inviting, shopping and preparing) that included hula hoops, bubbles, kites, chalk, soccer balls, hyperdash, an easter egg hunt, and my very first hand-decorated cake (don’t judge, it’s no wonder cake decorating is a specialized art).  She got family presents and donuts in the morning and her big party in the afternoon.  She spent the next several days checking out all her new stuff, while I rested and recovered from the excitement.  I can’t believe my little girl is nine.  She is turning into a lovely young lady, ever so quickly.

PS.  That yellow keyboard in our house in the photo above?  That’s one of the pieces I recently chalk-painted.

Tracey - The very first thing I said to myself was, “I want that chocolate cake!!!!!” I love homemade scratch-looking chocolate cake. The best!! And happy bday Ashton!

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