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IMG_7652dip7IMG_7618dip6dip4IMG_7660IMG_7645dip8IMG_7657IMG_7658dip5IMG_7663IMG_7672IMG_7674dip22IMG_7705dip32IMG_7702dip9IMG_7732dip13IMG_7862IMG_7865IMG_7825IMG_7826dip15IMG_7727IMG_7831dip14IMG_7892IMG_7888IMG_7902Up mountains, over creeks, into lakes, and across meadows we hiked.  Sub-alpine rocks, ridges, flowers, lakes and more greeted us along our path.  Matt caught more fish in one trip than all fish combined in his life, Cedar and I climbed his first mountain (where our dog Addie somehow found us from the lake way below), Addie got to be a wild and free dog, Ashton got her fill of wildflowers and quiet woods dreaming, I was in photo and beautiful hiking heaven, and Matt’s mom came along one day for some hiking and fishing.  It’s all in my dreams now, but thankfully I know we can go back next summer.


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