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Monthly Archives: October 2014

here and there

Again, you wanted to see something gross when you came here to see pretty pictures, right?  Welcome to my world!  I am sorry to startle you, but my reality is that I am mother to an imaginative, creative, and determined young man who recently committed himself to doing as many experiments as possible from the […]

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beautiful us

I adore playing with taking pictures of eyelashes and hair blowing in the wind, especially when it comes to my beautiful, sweet, ever-so-patient-while-mama-gets-in-her-space muse (see here, here, here, here…).  This time I also handed the camera over to Matt to see if he, too, would love taking those cool hair shots.  I don’t think he appreciated […]

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fall fest

We enjoyed a little local fall festival recently where we got to see Matt play jazz and locals play bluegrass, where the kids got free ice cream, face painting, and balloon animals, and where we had all kinds of fun being welcomed by the cute little town of Keyport.  This area in which we live is so full […]

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to whidbey

Just to see what it was like, we jumped in the car and went to Whidbey Island one day.  Riding the ferry over from Port Townsend was pretty neat, both on the way there with the views of the mountains, and on the way back with sparkling city lights reflecting on dark water.  The island […]

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outdoor adventuring

We finally climbed to the top of a mountain, and did get the epic view I’ve been wanting… kind of.  Through the trees it was there, and for that I am grateful.  To get the 360 degree panorama I want requires more here than in Montana, but we are working toward it.  And quite enjoying […]

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Those of you who know Cedar may know that he lost his front tooth when he was just two.  He fell off a couch, hit his tooth, and it needed to be pulled.  He’s had a one-toothed smile ever since.  He’s seven now, and that tooth is finally growing in again.  What an exciting time it is, […]

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Oh, that wonderful, beautiful, magical thing that is the seashore.  We found it here, and although it is the Sound and not the Ocean, it will certainly do.  I miss living right down the street from the sand and surf in Florida, where we went for impromptu evening family walks, day-long beach trips with friends, glow-stick nights, shell-hunting […]

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shooting from the hip

I thought this was pretty darn amazing.  While we were camping with my dad and sitting at the table playing a card game, I pulled out my camera.  At first I took a few photos, pictured above.  The photos are fine, nice, and creative, I would say.  Not bad.  But then, not wanting to intrude and […]

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