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I adore playing with taking pictures of eyelashes and hair blowing in the wind, especially when it comes to my beautiful, sweet, ever-so-patient-while-mama-gets-in-her-space muse (see here, here, here, here…).  This time I also handed the camera over to Matt to see if he, too, would love taking those cool hair shots.  I don’t think he appreciated it quite the way I do, but he snapped some beautiful photos of me.  I hardly ever get in the picture, as you know, and generally wish the photos showed me in a more flattering light– and now I have one or two I love.  Thank you for indulging me, Matt, and giving me this gift.  And if one day you read this, my dear daughter, thank you for giving me the precious gift of your sweet smile, amazing eyelashes, and beautiful face.

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