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Monthly Archives: November 2014

life inside

I see this random collection of photos and I wonder how they all fit together, as they sure don’t appear to tell a coherent story.  But they do go together: They tell the story of my life right now.  Well, one little part of my life right now; the part I take pictures of when I […]

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Did you know that Ashton has what we call a ‘fairy kiss’ on her ear?  See it there, that little point on the side?  Her cousin has one, and another cousin of Matt’s has one as well.  I love it.

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bloedel reserve

Just a few pictures to share here from our trip to the Bloedel Reserve a few weeks ago.  After we got there with an hour left before they closed, and after the rain stopped pouring, and after the guy came to unlock the car to get the key which I had locked inside it, we […]

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Matt has been on a gymnastic/martial arts kick lately… well, he wants to learn that stuff and wants our kids to learn it, too.  So, as we research options for engaging our family in lessons of some sort, he’s been having us practice in our daily lives.  He rounds us up and takes us out to […]

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with friends

A new friend recently invited us to accompany her little clan (herself with her three kids under 5) to a children’s museum on Bainbridge Island.  The day was bright after a week of dark and rain, so after the museum we took a stroll through downtown to find a bakery.  We window shopped, took breaks […]

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fall walk

Our life these days is one of the unexpected, at least in terms of weather.  Unlike in Florida, where it was pretty much sunny unless it was rainy, in which case it would be sunny again soon, this is… not.  We had our summer run of sun, and now we are in the midst of fall, […]

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that time we played in leaves…

It’s been beautiful to be in the cool, colorful, crisp season of fall again, after years of missing it while in Florida.  Oh, we did miss fall desperately.  I have to say, though, that fall has been frustrating for me here in Washington.  To find leaves to play in that aren’t wet just isn’t realistic, to find […]

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Oh, Halloween, thank you for bringing my children such fun, creativity and excitement.  We will see you next year, armed again with decorations and ideas (indeed they are already planning next year’s costumes).  Thank goodness this craziness only comes once a year!  Now we have a quiet, rainy lull going on, with dark nights, indoor time, and […]

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