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that time we played in leaves…


It’s been beautiful to be in the cool, colorful, crisp season of fall again, after years of missing it while in Florida.  Oh, we did miss fall desperately.  I have to say, though, that fall has been frustrating for me here in Washington.  To find leaves to play in that aren’t wet just isn’t realistic, to find a place where the warm fall sun shines through the tall dark northern pines has been a challenge, and to muster the energy to go hiking in the unpredictable and rainy weather is not easy.  I have a big Washington learning curve in progress, which does make sense considering we’ve been here for just 4 months now.  In just 4 months we have accomplished so very much in terms of settling in, navigating our family’s reintegration (with Matt back in our lives for real this time), creating a community and finding friendships here, and exploring the area.  I gotta cut myself some slack and be proud of how much adapting I’ve done so far.

This little iPhone photo series shows a “fall” moment, several weeks ago, where we discovered a lovely little leafy glen, in the middle of a parking lot, where the sun happened to be shining, and where the kids played together.  It was just right.

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