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Our life these days is one of the unexpected, at least in terms of weather.  Unlike in Florida, where it was pretty much sunny unless it was rainy, in which case it would be sunny again soon, this is… not.  We had our summer run of sun, and now we are in the midst of fall, which so far seems to be a battle between the elements.  “It’s sunny!”  “Oh wait, nevermind, it’s rainy now.”  “Let’s go out, it’s clear!”  “Oops, too late now.”  I am learning to embrace the rain and go out anyway, which is what we did one day.  Well, when we left the house it looked clear (thankfully we brought our rain jackets, except Matt who didn’t believe it would rain), but, sure enough, minutes into our walk it started to rain.  Soaked, we journeyed to our favorite playground where the sun gifted us with it’s warmth.  I reveled in it and felt grateful, as I am now every time the sun emerges.  Tomorrow is forecasted to be “sunny,” but who knows what that means.  What does that mean for us?  Probably that we should go out anyway.


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