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Matt has been on a gymnastic/martial arts kick lately… well, he wants to learn that stuff and wants our kids to learn it, too.  So, as we research options for engaging our family in lessons of some sort, he’s been having us practice in our daily lives.  He rounds us up and takes us out to the garage for “timed hangs” on the pull-up bar, where we literally hold on and hang for as long as possible.  This, he says, is supposed to help our strength, mobility and grip.  Better than that (because, really Matt, timed hangs do kind of suck) have been our family walks culminating in monkey bar practice together.  Swinging on monkey bars is super fun, challenging and engaging.  Our kids, not being in school, don’t do monkey bars like we used to as kids (do they even get to do that at schools today???), so taking them to the playground seems like a great idea, for all of us.

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