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I see this random collection of photos and I wonder how they all fit together, as they sure don’t appear to tell a coherent story.  But they do go together: They tell the story of my life right now.  Well, one little part of my life right now; the part I take pictures of when I get the urge.  Not the parts where I’m stressed or worried (as I often am), not the ins and outs of our every day doings, not the bickering and squabbles, not the… rest.  These photos, they show me that my life has been one lived mostly inside over the past weeks.  It’s been dark, rainy, and chilly outside.  The moments of sun that emerge between the clouds have been fleeting, and I sometimes find them in the house and take a picture.  I know it looks like we spend a lot of time outside with all my outdoor photos on the blog, but the reality is that right now the majority of our time is spent indoors.

So we’ve been inside.  Doing things I can’t remember now, but I’m positive it’s included crafts, games, movies, puzzles, books, and projects.  We had a birthday party for Addie, who is now 2 years old.  Matt left town for a couple weeks, leaving the kids and I in our own quiet flow.  I learned that I don’t have to grow flowers to bring nature into my home, which was an amazing and freeing discovery for me.  We visited several times with friends.

Our story now is a quieter one.  I will do my best to remember to take pictures as we dwell indoors during these upcoming winter months, which will often be dark both day and night.

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