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fall galavantings

When the weather doesn’t look like this, which it seems to the majority of the time (and it is growing on me in its quiet beauty),


we can often be found galavanting across the trails of some place or another, either as a family or with friends, enjoying the sunshine when we are blessed with it.  Fall was beautiful, and here is a bit of it to show you.


We are loving a new-to-us and perfect-for-us trail introduced to us by our friends… especially when our adventuring includes those friends!  My sweet friend has kids who are littler than mine, and it’s been so fun to watch my kids join them in the wonder of the outdoors: discovering frost in the grass, breaking the ice on frozen streams, making mud soup, finding tree forts to play in, and being the wild and imaginative children they once were– and sometimes still are– when out in nature (seems like they don’t do that as much anymore, in favor of a different sort of “wild” as they age).

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Now that we’ve been introduced to our new favorite walking place, we go there as a family (and to our usual favorite “backyard” playground as well) to play and explore in different kinds of ways…



When I get inspired by the blue sky and pretty branches, I sometimes try to capture the memory in a picture.


Blue sky and sun is fleeting here, unlike in Florida where we could rest easy knowing it would always be there.  But I can rest, because I know it will return… and in the meantime, I can rest in the meditative quiet of the fog and rain.


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