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We had a party this year for Thanksgiving, the first “real” party I think I’ve ever thrown.  Thirty people plus kids packed into our little space, if I remember correctly, including new friends, old Montana friends, and Band friends.  Being that I was frantically running through my house handling things I thought needed attention (“It’s too hot in here; wait, now it’s too cold; there are kids crying somewhere; the dog is eating food out of children’s hands; where’s the dessert?; why can’t I hear the music?; OMG I need a drink!; perhaps I should check on people; are they happy??; is my party OK?!?!; etc.”), I pretty much don’t remember the party and am almost certain I am NOT cut out for being a party host.  Matt, on the other hand, was a superb host– funny and charming, easy and productive.  The day was gorgeous and sunny, so we took a family walk before the festivities to find plants to decorate our house with (thank you dear husband for thrashing through the brush and out-muscling those plants that didn’t want to be cut!).  I tried my hand at making beeswax candles to decorate with as well, and they turned out to be simple to make and very long-lasting.  Our day was intense, but worth it: We offered our home to folks whom I hope benefitted from a holiday spent with others, we got to see some old friends, we made a contribution to the community we are now part of, we got to know our new friends better, and we put ourselves forward with courage, connection, and openness.  I am proud of us.

mailli - way to go!

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