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Monthly Archives: February 2015


Valentine’s Day card making is such a fun ritual around here for Ashton and me that I just needed to post pictures of it.  We had fun, she and I, allowing ourselves into that lovely timeless world of crafting.

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on friends, learning and life

That last photo is of the lovely mountains so close to us.  Because it’s sort of representative of our life here now, I wanted to post these photos here of our homeschool group’s recent trip to explore the beach at low tide.  This area offers such a different and unique set of experiences, with the […]

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seattle aquarium

That last photo is one from Pike Place Market after our trip.  We learned on this trip that Seattle touring is fun on a weekday (Sunday afternoon at the Market just about gave me a panic attack), that one must leave early enough to catch a ferry before it departs, that the Aquarium is pretty […]

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And him, turning into an 8 year old in not so very long…  Sheesh, it’s all happening so quickly and intensely, this parenthood ride.  

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She will be 10 years old in just a couple of weeks.  My sweet, sweet girl is growing into a lady…  

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our january

:: We spent days inside, with dog going insane. :: We hiked up a mountain, and summited to a foggy, invisible panoramic mountain/city/sea view.  Sheesh.  But, then again, we hiked up a mountain in the middle of January, which is a pretty awesome thing to be able to do. :: So. Much. Fog. :: Matt now officially does […]

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at the marine science center

The kids and I visited our local Marine Science Center recently and had a fantastic experience.  We asked for guidance, and were given our own private tour (by none other than an extremely learned and impressive fifteen (going on twenty-five) year old homeschooler who volunteers there because she’s so interested in marine biology).  It’s fascinating how much goes […]

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