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our january

:: We spent days inside, with dog going insane.

:: We hiked up a mountain, and summited to a foggy, invisible panoramic mountain/city/sea view.  Sheesh.  But, then again, we hiked up a mountain in the middle of January, which is a pretty awesome thing to be able to do.

:: So. Much. Fog.

:: Matt now officially does not wear glasses after getting refractive eye surgery.  He rested and squinted for days and days.  He now wears sunglasses, cool guy that he is.

:: When we get sun, we go out (well, the truth is we go out when it’s gray, too… but it gets a bit more urgent when the sun emerges).  And there really has been plenty of sun here.  In fact, with all this sun, I relish the foggy, gray days more and more now.  Washington really isn’t as cold as we thought, with days often in the fifties.

:: We found a church, joined the YMCA for several days a week of rock-climbing, swimming, and gym time for me (it’s a great place for a family to be active together), signed the kids up for gymnastics, and enjoyed friends and homeschool group events this month, too.

It’s a good life we live.



tracey - I love it that when I look at your kids I can’t tell if they look more like you or Matt. They are such a mix.
And your life sounds like….Life. A blessing. 🙂

stacey - Love getting caught up on your sweet little life.
And I always adore your photos. They have such a simple and pure quality to them that I just love.

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