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Monthly Archives: March 2015

iphone outtakes

I have here to share one of my periodic random iPhone collections.  I hardly ever pull out the phone to take photos, and when I do they linger for long periods in the depths of the phone, waiting to be seen.  I see them, eventually, and– although they are random and silly, often taken by the […]

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his earring

He asked me when he was six if he could get his ear pierced, and I told him to wait till he was seven.  Now, just a couple weeks away from being eight, he finally did the thing he’s been wanting to do for years.  He seems to like it, and I do think it […]

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a very big birthday

At home and in Montana, Ashton’s 10th birthday was a magical celebration.  She planned long and well for it, enjoyed all the showering of love and attention she received from family and friends… and suddenly turned into a decade-old young woman.  It was a very big birthday, indeed.  Thank you to all who supported her […]

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february, in and out

:: kids who READ (!!!!) :: new friends and neighbors for kids and mom :: sweet kids at home… and sweet kids out, too, often without photos taken unfortunately.  They have started gymnastics now, which is awesome and which I will capture soon. :: a freezer full of half of a cow, all butchered and […]

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handmade dolls

In other crafting news, the kids were all in a flurry one day to sew up some dolls.  Cedar, not surprisingly, wanted to make a zombie doll, while Ashton opted for a sweet cloth girl.  We had fun, and they were happy.  The best part about it was that Ashton went on ahead and sewed, […]

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