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february, in and out



:: kids who READ (!!!!)

:: new friends and neighbors for kids and mom

:: sweet kids at home… and sweet kids out, too, often without photos taken unfortunately.  They have started gymnastics now, which is awesome and which I will capture soon.

:: a freezer full of half of a cow, all butchered and packaged up with love for us from our friends at their family ranch.  Guess where that beef came from?  MONTANA.  This is our first time ever having purchased a portion of a cow, and we are SO excited about it.

:: a church we have been becoming part of, including its Valentine’s Day parties

:: time in the woods, together, as usual.  Sometimes photographed, and many times lately I’ve just been enjoying the experience without the camera

:: Matt and I are learning a gymnastics program together so we can experience more of what our bodies are capable of, alongside the lifting we still do.  I just deadlifted a new max of 275 pounds the other day, which is very exciting.

Tracey Morris - I found that show Alaska: the last frontier and I think that you could very well fit into the family there. Makes me think of you when I watch it. 🙂 And all that green in the photos….so amazingly beautiful!

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