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We’ve been very busy with buying and moving into (and fixing, and cleaning, and learning, and troubleshooting….) a home, so life’s been focused on many things BUT frolicking and taking pictures.  Well, we have escaped a time or two:  We’ve enjoyed exploring parks and fountains and art galleries in our new area, meeting with friends in pretty places, as well as a family camping trip and a beach/fort trip too.  I have been too tuckered and stressed to take my camera with me much, but I do have a few photos to share here when I can.

Anyway, BEFORE the moving project unfolded, we were blessed to have Matt’s mom and sister in town for a few days.  Being that they love water, sea glass, rocks and marine life, naturally we spent most of our time at the shore.  Thanks for coming, and come again soon (I need a painting party desperately… or a landscaping party…. or …..!).

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