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Yearly Archives: 2016


December has brought us cold, rain, and several days of snow; woods walks; time with friends; an epic kitchen project; legos and stop-motion and movie making by Ashton (if you want to see her work, her blog is; Christmas decorating and traditions at home and at church; a visit from Matt’s parents for his Navy […]

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the things of fall

I haven’t been taking many photos lately, but pictured above are a few of the fun things we’ve done this fall.  It looks from these photos like the weather has been gorgeous and sunny, but in reality we’ve had mostly rainy, gray days that turn to night around 3:30pm.  Halloween was as exciting as it ever is, […]

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our september

September brought a visit from Grandma Chris to take care of the kids while Jess went (all by herself!!) to be the weekend event photographer for a big Multiple Sclerosis Bike Ride on Whidbey Island, which was a big and new opportunity for her.  Matt came home for a few days here and there (he’s been away for a number […]

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montana vacation, part 2

After hiking in the Jewel Basin (in Kalispell), our little clan bid farewell to the family and headed south of Missoula for a few final days of camping.  This time the weather was perfect, the lake was refreshing, the hike along the lake to a waterfall was amazing, the huckleberries were tasty, and the trip […]

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up the mountain

After being driven by the weather from our beloved campground, we opted to head home to Kalispell for a hike in the Jewel Basin.  I did this hike once before while living in Kalispell during Matt’s deployment.  Matt and I were itching to climb a mountain, and we knew the kids could handle the 3 mile, 1700 […]

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July and our Montana vacation (part 1)

July began with a wild Bremerton Fourth of July, Matt’s Navy Rock Band performances, a family hike or two, and then a trip to Montana for Matt’s leave.  We went to our favorite camping and hiking spot, way up in the mountains in Northwest Montana, and invited our tribe to join us.  We anticipated a […]

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