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July and our Montana vacation (part 1)


July began with a wild Bremerton Fourth of July, Matt’s Navy Rock Band performances, a family hike or two, and then a trip to Montana for Matt’s leave.  We went to our favorite camping and hiking spot, way up in the mountains in Northwest Montana, and invited our tribe to join us.  We anticipated a trip like the ones we’ve experienced before in this spot, full of sunshine, wildflowers, lakes to fish and swim in, and gorgeous mountain vistas (like this, this and this one), but were met instead with rain, snow, mist and, well, more rain.  We huddled together in wet clothes under shelter as best we could, playing card games, heading out on a wet and snowy hiking trip, taking advantage of fishing opportunities during breaks in the rain, and enjoying time together in a beautiful quiet place.  Finally, on our 5th day of rain, after the family had gone home, we decided to let the rain drive us out.  There’s more adventure to come, though!

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