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After being driven by the weather from our beloved campground, we opted to head home to Kalispell for a hike in the Jewel Basin.  I did this hike once before while living in Kalispell during Matt’s deployment.  Matt and I were itching to climb a mountain, and we knew the kids could handle the 3 mile, 1700 foot elevation gain to the peak of Mount Aeneas.  Jean came with us for the adventure, and so did our very good friend Alan.  Jean and Ashton opted not to hike the last section, along a narrow ridge-line to the summit, instead enjoying the scenery and the mountain goats while the rest of us climbed to the top.  The top offered the breathtaking panoramic mountain-top views we were craving.  After our hours of hiking, we felt good and tuckered out, and had a fantastic excuse to have a beer and relax back at the Joneses (of course, the kids played all evening with their cousins, seemingly unaffected by the hours of hiking).

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