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September brought a visit from Grandma Chris to take care of the kids while Jess went (all by herself!!) to be the weekend event photographer for a big Multiple Sclerosis Bike Ride on Whidbey Island, which was a big and new opportunity for her.  Matt came home for a few days here and there (he’s been away for a number of weeks through the summer), and when he was home we took advantage of woods walks, parkour rolls, soccer practicing, iPad movie-making, continued involvement in our UU church… and other things I didn’t photograph (because I was busy editing thousands of MS photos!).  The kids and I learned about the Kitsap public transit one day (while taking care of a car emergency), visited several museums in Tacoma, went to our Kitsap County Fair, played mini-golf, and enjoyed sleepovers and mega-lego sessions.  Ash started orthodontic work this month (she’s growing up fast), we learned about the wonders of spiralized zucchini (Zoodles!!), and we (ahem, and by “we” I mean ME) looked forward to the summer slowing down its pace in favor of a slower, cooler fall.



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