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I haven’t been taking many photos lately, but pictured above are a few of the fun things we’ve done this fall.  It looks from these photos like the weather has been gorgeous and sunny, but in reality we’ve had mostly rainy, gray days that turn to night around 3:30pm.  Halloween was as exciting as it ever is, with decorations and preparations filling the month of October.  Matt and I have been working hard on house projects, as usual; this time it’s been painting and refinishing the kitchen.  Matt’s schedule is random this time of year, so we see him a lot sometimes while at other times we high five him when we can.  Jess had the opportunity to get tattoos on her reconstructed breasts for free via an organization called  While Ashton is getting deeper into reading books and building cities made of Legos, Cedar is into trying all the things– including pogo sticks, yo-yo tricks, magic, paracord, pennywhistles, and other novelties.  As a family, we have been playing games, making art, making our kids exercise and do chores (evil parents, I know), spending lots of time helping at our church, visiting with friends, making interesting ketogenic food, walking in corn mazes and woods, and spending a lot of time at home.  We ran a 5K at the YMCA, too…. in the pouring rain.  Thanksgiving was spent with our friends the Demicks and their parents, along with a second turkey meal at home the next day.  Jessica’s 38th birthday celebrations included purchasing our Christmas tree (a fake one for the first time ever, and we love it) and decorating it, along with hot cocoa (and peppermint schnapps, of course), Christmas carols played on the piano, and a fire in the fireplace.  I’m sure there was so much more we experienced together this fall that I just don’t remember, so I will go for snapping those pictures more often.

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