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to whidbey

Just to see what it was like, we jumped in the car and went to Whidbey Island one day.  Riding the ferry over from Port Townsend was pretty neat, both on the way there with the views of the mountains, and on the way back with sparkling city lights reflecting on dark water.  The island itself was pretty and rural, and our day was filled mostly with driving– a road trip exploration to be sure.  At Deception Pass we got out of the car and experienced gorgeous beaches with breathtaking views of calm blue water, birds, and harbor seals, as seen up high from the super-high bridge and down low from the quiet beach.  While waiting for our ferry we found a quiet beach with driftwood and enjoyed a beautiful sunset over both the Olympic mountains and Mt. Rainier in the distance.  I had my iPhone with me for pics, which I think turned out pretty amazing.  It was a day of traveling, chatting, exploring and, though we did only a bit of feeling with our senses out in the air, we all ended the day feeling happy and connected.  It’s a wonderful thing to be on an adventure, open to whatever happens, with the people I love most.



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